Last Updated on October 12, 2023

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Available ranges: 3x /20


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Available ranges: 2x /19

AFRINIC is the regional internet registry handling the African continent when it comes to distributing and managing internet number resources, including IP address space and Autonomous System Numbers. Its service region also covers the Indian Ocean region. AFRINIC cites its mission as providing efficient and professional distribution of these resources to the internet community in Africa, as well as to support usage and development of internet technology all over the continent. It also seeks to bolster self-governance in the region through a multistakeholder PDP. AFRINIC was the last of the five RIR to be formed.

The AFRINIC board ratifies transfer policies inside its service region, and has done this with the one concerning intra-regional transfer inside the continent. There is no timeframe for this policy’s implementation, and it will be the first a policy framework exists to regulate transfers of legacy as well as non-legacy resources. Further polices are being considered, especially ones which can build on the existing one, such as the one governing inbound-only transfers inside the region. Addresses are likely to flow anywhere the market pressure dictates, but the adoption of unidirectional transfers to LACNIC and AFRINIC are steps towards a cohesive global transfer market which is capable of bringing about a borderless internet.

AFRINIC, being an RIR, operates as a non-profit, and is a member-based association managing internet resources in the African region. Distribution is done the same way as by other RIRs: the regional community develops polices using a Policy Development Processes (PDP), and AFRINIC upholds and enforces this. It is also governed by a board elected by members, which gives PDP verification, strategic guidance, ad fiduciary oversight.

Like the other RIRs, AFRINIC has set up measures which allow it to prevent capture through bylaws, election process, membership provisions, articles of incorporation, etc. There is also a joint stability fund which AFRINIC and the other RIRs use to make sure the global RIR scene remains functional and efficient over future decades.

AFRINIC is the first of the global RIRs to reach the last of its IPv4 addresses’ /8 block, and as a result, has a soft landing policy regarding the allocation of the reminding addresses. Under this, when Phase 2 of the exhaustion period is over, each customer in the region would allocated no more than a single final maximum allocation when it came to the /22 blocks.

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