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lease lacnic ipv4

Available ranges: /22


lease lacnic ipv4

Available ranges: /21

LACNIC is the Regional Internet Registry, which allocates IP addresses and handles related issues in the region covering the Caribbean and Latin America. An NPO like all the other RIRs, it enforces requirements which members (mainly ISPs and internet-related organizations) must comply with.

LACNIC was founded in 1999, at a time when ARIN was managing the Latin American and Caribbean regions. After a business plan sent to ARIN deemed viable and approved, LACNIC was instated as the fourth RIR in the world at the time (AFRINIC was formed later). Headquartered in Montevideo, Uruguay, its formal establishment did not happen until 2001. It was recognized formally at an ICANN meeting in Shanghai in 2002. LACNIC’s functions include the following.

  • Dealing with DNS delegations that need to be reversed,
  • Allocating the suitable amount of address spaces based on IPv6 and IPv4 standards, and also Autonomous System Numbers,
  • Representing the interests of users on the internet, as well as members of its service region on a global level,
  • Maintaining the Whois database which represents the Caribbean and Latin American regions.

When it comes to transfer of internet number resources between members, LACNIC requires the following rules to be followed.

  • The transfer size should be a minimum of /24.
  • The buyer should be able to prove a justified need for the address which they seek to purchase, and this would be judged based on current LACNIC policies.
  • The buyer must hold the transferred block for at least a year before reselling or “flipping” it.
  • Any registrant of LACNIC-allocated blocks must hold them for three years before reselling.
  • Any legacy resources, once transferred, lose legacy status.
  • LACNIC gives a public log detailing all transfers.
  • If a block’s size is under /20, LACNIC charges $1000 in transfer fees. IF the blocks are larger, the fee is $1500.
  • LACNIC originally charges the first $200 at start of the transfer, and this gets refunded if the process is not successful.

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