Last Updated on August 17, 2022

RIPE ASN Sponsorship

IPv4Mall now functions as an LIR (Local Internet Registry) that can sponsor RIPE ASN (Autonomous System Number) to companies who are in need. Please find below more information about ASN and how to get one RIPE ASN dedicated to your business sponsored by IPv4Mall.

An Autonomous System is a term used to refer to a collection of IP networks that is run by a single or a group of operators working with a unique and clearly defined routing policy. While exchanging exterior routing details, each Autonomous System will be identified using a unique number which is the ASN or the Autonomous System Number. At times, the Autonomous System is also called a routing domain.

Reassigning Referenced ASNs

The RIPE NCC has a very big collection of returned 16-bit and 32-bit ASNs referenced in the RIPE database objects. The supply of 16-bit ASNs across the world is exhausting and due to this, the demand for these resources is on the rise.

ASN References

The ASNs are referenced in many objects, mainly other AS Number objects in the policy statement of the “import:” and “export:” attributes and different set objects. There are also some route objects that do not start from returned ASNs but reference them in further attributes. Upon detailed analysis, it is found that about 4,000 objects are referencing 1,900 ASNs.

As per a decision by the RIPE Address Policy Working Group, 32-bit AS Numbers are assigned by the RIPE NCC by default, unless the client specifically requests for 16-bit ASN. Going by the current assignment rate, the available unreferenced 16-bit AS Numbers will exhaust soon.

Getting An ASN

As per the present RIPE policy, a network has to be multi-homed and should have a unique routing policy to get an ASN assigned. The assignment request should outline the routing policy of the Autonomous System. Any business will be able to get an ASN. For this, a contractual agreement with the RIPE NCC or a sponsoring LIR must be signed and as an LIR, IPv4Mall can sponsor RIPE ASNs to organizations that need them for their business.

Need ASN(s) for your business? Feel free to contact IPv4Mall today for further details on how to let us help you to get the ASN(s) you need.

  1. Client reaches us for the need of ASN Sponsorship, we share the price;
  2. Once price is accepted by client, we will collect client’s data and client signs our NDA for customer, and both parties will sign Independent Assignment Request & Maintenance Agreement;
  3. Client signs up an account on our portal, and we will place the order in our system accordingly for the client to pay;
  4. Once payment has been received, client provides us with the RIPE required information for the application;
  5. We proceed to submit a request to RIPE: we will wait for RIPE’s approval, in case of any question from RIPE or additional information is required by RIPE, we will pass the question and requirements to the client to answer and provide
  6. Once the request is approved by RIPE, we will provide the assigned ASN to client and make the delivery date the billing starting date.

Please contact us via for more information about our pricing for having an ASN sponsored by us.

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